Miss Potter’s Progress, By Beatrice

Miss Potter is a Year 5 teacher at Barnes Primary School. She is 29 and has been teaching for 4 years and loves teaching all subjects. Her favourite subject when she was a student was geography, and she wanted to be an archaeologist or a university lecturer when she grew up.

The words Miss Potter most overuses are “lovely” and “hon”. She probably didn’t say “hon” to the girl who did the naughtiest thing that has happened in class – the girl wrote “I hate Miss Potter” on her hand! But the thing Miss Potter hates most about teaching is not the naughty children but the long hours. To escape from these long hours Miss Potter would like to relax in a chalet in the mountains with a log fire where she can ski.

The funniest thing that has happened to Miss Potter at school was at the teachers’ play when Brian (the PE teacher), Mr Griffin (Year 6 teacher) and Mr Hartley (The Head Teacher) were dressed up as girls – the three ugly sisters. Miss Potter didn’t say whether she used the words “lovely” then!

Miss Potter is always full of advice. Now we shall hear what the most important lesson she has learnt herself: Never stick a button up your nose!