Public Speaking by Catherine and Rosie

On Monday the 21st of March, Year 5 pupils got the opportunity to enter the Public Speaking Competition. The teachers had thought and thought and thought until they had come up with a subject for the pupils to talk about. Each pupil was asked to talk about the playground – what works well and what could be improved. So, on Monday everyone came well prepared with a speech about the what works well and what could be improved upon in the playground. In the end, five people from 5W got through and 5 people from 5O got through to the dreaded “Speak Off.” Drum roll please!

The finalists were …. Catherine Freeland, Rosie Lowit and Rachel Hunt!!!! But if a participant is ill on the 28th of March (the big competition day ), or is unable to make it-then Oliver Evans, our reserve, was selected to step in.  They asked us to speak about  ‘The Youth of Today, the Future of Tomorrow’. Wish us luck!!!!

Update: We won! Not one, but two. TWO TROFIES.