Year 5 Camping Trip

camp 003

On 7th of June, 5W set off for a sleepless night at Thames Young Mariners. There were water sports, games and best of all – campfires.

At 9:15 am, 5w  started a very long walk to Thames Young Mariners, IN TEDDINGTON! It took hours. When we finally got there it was already 12:00! So we sat down and tucked into our lunch.

After lunch we had some free time and time to build our tent. At round about 6:00 we had our supper. It was pasta, cooked by Mrs Dixon.  Afterwards we had the chance to collect wood for the fire and play some games.

Later on we got the chance to light a fire. But unfortunately Miss Wilson forgot to bring the marshmallows, so instead we had hot cocoa and biscuits. Everyone enjoyed apart from one person -Tegan- who had a headache. But when everyone was falling asleep on their logs, we went and tried to go to sleep.  Most people got to sleep at around 2am but some people,  like Amine, didn’t get any sleep and went to the toilet every 5 minutes!

It was a great adventure. We really enjoyed Thames Young Mariners camp.