Teachers of the Week from Year 2, by Jessica and April

Mrs. Cowpe & Ms. Marshment

Mrs. Cowpe & Ms. Marshment

We interviewed Mrs Cowpe and Miss Marshment who both teach Year 2.

They both agreed their favourite theme was learning about Japanese culture and language, like the word “good afternoon”  (konnichiwa).  The even dressed up in Japanese kimonos for One World Day.

Mrs Cowpe has been teaching at Barnes Primary for eight years and Miss Marshment for  six years. Before that, Mrs Cowpe was teaching in Birmingham and Miss Marshment was teaching in Newbury.

Miss Marshment started teaching because of her godmother, who was a teacher.  Miss Marshment used to go to her godmother’s school and did teaching experience there. Mrs Cowpe did a Duke of Edinburgh award and part of it involved teaching at a school, which she really enjoyed.

They like teaching Year 2 because they feel that the students are in the most proggressive year and there is a big difference between the beginning and the end of the year.  They feel the children are keen, they learn quickly, and they have lovely parents. They like teaching because they have a nice feeling from children succeeding they love hearing the children’s funny stories.