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Strategy, by Sarin


The strategy club is run by Mr O’Donnell after school at three fifteen to four fifteen. At strategy club you get to play strategy games like Battleship, Cluedo, Othello and pottery. Around nine children go to strategy and you get to…

Chess Tournament, by Sarin

kids chess tournament

A chess tournament took place on Thursday, Feb 6th, after school at Richmond Park Academy. When we got there we got some food and had some time before we played our  first game. Our first game was against East Sheen and I…

Year 6 Cycling Profficiency, by Jessica

Cycling Proficiency Badge

This past week (27/01/14 to 31/01/14) class 6R went cycling. On Tuesday, the first day, we only cycled in the playground and checked our bikes. Wednesday, however, we were split into 4 small groups and we went on the road,…

11+ Exam Season, by Ashley

Exam Papers

This is the time of year when Year 6 children who have applied to independent secondary schools have to take entrance exams. Ashley interviewed a couple students in the Press Club who were in the middle of the exam season.…