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Year 6 Cycling Profficiency, by Jessica

Cycling Proficiency Badge

This past week (27/01/14 to 31/01/14) class 6R went cycling. On Tuesday, the first day, we only cycled in the playground and checked our bikes. Wednesday, however, we were split into 4 small groups and we went on the road,…

PGL Quiz, by April

If you read Jessica’s story carefully, you’ll be able to pass this test on our Year 6 trip. Give it a try! See if you can find the facts in her story and in the pictures. +17-1   

My four terms of Press Club, by Ethan

Okay , the truth is when I joined press club is when it turned funnily annoying.  I joined on the last term of the 2011-2012 academic year. That was when I wrote well-written meaty stories that were probably better written…

Orange Tree Theatre trip, by Ethan

Today, Year 4 and 6 are going to the Orange Tree Theatre. We are watching Julius Caesar. Yesterday one of the actors came in to help us act out Shakespeare’s famous play Julius Caesar. They split us into two groups.…