Welcome to the website created by the children of Barnes Primary to report on the news happening around the school. Every Thursday morning, a dedicated group of budding reporters meet to update the site about the events that are important to the school community – anything from a field trip to a sports fixture to a controversy about the White Hart Lane level crossing.

As a former journalist and a digital media specialist, I started this club in the hope of teaching this next generation the importance of original source journalism. I want them to know the difference between verified factual content and opinions or fiction. In the digital age, where we each have thousands of media choices confronting us every minute, I believe it is important for children to know which ones to trust.

The children learn a few valuable lessons from this club.

1. What is newsworthy.

2. How to interview

3. How to write a factual account of an event or interview.

4. The fun of asking why and uncovering some truths.

These are pictures of the some of our journalists past and present.